Our beliefs

We believe in Flower Power, Generosity, having a Clear Conscience and being Healthy Over Trendy.


Foster & Welsh is a 3rd generation family business. The beliefs and traditions that first inspired the elders are still lived by. Here are some important ones!


“With great power comes great responsibility” (Uncle Ben, Spiderman).
Our products are centred around top quality natural essential oils. The oils provide great fragrance but also potent, effective results! Scientific formulations ensure optimal potency and safety.


“The angels share.” (Dr Sandi Nye)
We always add in a bit extra. An extra drop of precious oil; a few grams more lotion. This assures that our products are never bland or underweight, and also because we simply love what we can do for you.


We sleep well at night, and that’s the bottom line. We use our own products because they are fabulous! Natural solutions, ethical and sustainable sourcing, no animal testing, and nothing that is going to harm your body.

Buzz words can buzz off! There is so much confusion and fads from organic, eco-friendly and green to no GMOs, parabens, SLS and mineral oils/petrochemicals, that we are just staying out of the melee. That is to say that our products are as healthy as possible and necessary.

close up of three different traditional soap slices