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Why choose Foster & Welsh natural and organic products?

In the frenetic rush of modern life, products mindfully made, using natural aromatic essential oils,  can play a significant role in wellness maintenance both through fragrant hygiene and aromatherapeutic relaxation.

When made part of a daily de-stressing bathing/cleansing/self-care ritual, these treats can blissfully transform the mundane into a sublime experience.

Folks keep coming back for more of these fragrant gems, saying that our aromatherapy soap is the ‘cleanest’ addiction of all!

It’s all about consistent quality and uniqueness – the hallmark of each individually handcrafted bar or jar of aromatherapeutic deliciousness.  As with the various essential-oil-inspired skincare and wellness product ranges offered over the past few decades, each bubbly creation has been expertly & scientifically formulated, and lovingly handmade with skill, passion & care.

These artisanal soaps are available in a wide range of aromatic natural essential oil synergies, which makes them much more than simply cleansing bars.  The generous percentage of essential oils are included for optimal aromatherapeutic benefit and sybaritic delight.  Several synergies contain unique fynbos and other locally distilled essential oils [as well as oils from diverse regions of the world], in tandem with indigenous and other nourishing vegetal oils and nut butters, plus botanicals like rooibos, aloe, moringa etc.

The ingredient choices apply equally to all our glycerin-rich offerings – whether they are traditional opaque, transparent & translucent, shimmering mica, soft-toned clays, inky charcoal, russet rooibos, or various others containing many-hued botanicals.  Our ingredients are selected to provide optimal skin benefits and environment-friendly care, because we believe that what is put onto the skin should be as safe and health-promoting as that which is put into the body.  You could eat our soap – but you’ll definitely foam at the mouth if you do!

Soaps range in size, weight and shape from small novelty soaps and guest soaps, to large, medium and small bars – with either simple or fancy design options – and are priced largely according to weight. Although we offer standard ranges, you have relative freedom of choice, as all soaps are available in either transparent, opaque and/or shimmering pearlised colour options – on special order request.

The typical traditional loaf or shaped soaps are opaque and available with or without colouration, and with or without aromatic essential oil synergies. These basic shapes include ovals, rectangles, squares, half-rounds, rounds, and hand-cut rustic bars. Some of these are available with raised adornments/embossed designs, while others have clean geometric lines, and yet others contain exfoliants such as genuine Egyptian loofah, pumice, seeds and other botanicals.

The options of these many decorative shapes, colours and natural aromatic synergies allow for great décor ideas and creative or thematic fun e.g., Celtic or Asian designs, Nautical [aquatic/shells & fish], Nature [flowers, gardening, creatures], Seasonal, Festive etc. New shapes and synergies are added as the Soap Muse inspires! So, do check in from time-to-time to find out what new creations have joined the standard ranges. If we don’t already have what you fancy, we can create what you want.

To maintain peak quality, as well as in the best interest of users, each soap is hygienically wrapped according to suitability.  This ensures that the soap retains optimum freshness while on the shelf or in storage.  It also provides tamper-protection and minimises damage or contamination from inconsiderate consumer handling – an important consideration for retailers.  Naked bars can also be supplied in some ranges, if preferred.

  • All Foster & Welsh products are tested on humans, not animals.
  • Animal fats are not used in F&W soap production.
  • Synthetic or fragrance oils are not used in the product ranges . In general, we use only natural essential oils and other natural aromatic and botanical ingredients, along with ‘green’ cosmetic ingredients, in most of our product ranges.
  • These are not ALL stock items, so please place orders timeously, as each one is hand-crafted.

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